Excellent guide great personality, James will work to make sure you catch some fish and make it fun.

Jesse V,

We have fished with guides all over Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and Costa Rica. None are any better or more personable than Capt. James. He would be a fun guy to hang out with off the water as well. You won’t go wrong with Davis Guide Service!

Kevin O,

Had a great trip today with Davis guide service! He put us on the striper and we caught more fish than we could handle!!I’ve been on quite a few striper trips and never caught so many so fast. I would recommend davis guide service to anyone wanting some good clean family fun !👌

Jason J,

James is by far the best  fisherman we have ever fished with,  He knows how to find them & how to get them in the boat.
All our trips with James has got us a ice chest full of nice fish.

Gary Finn, Manager